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CMPL is a European experience

More than 50 years of international experience of our shareholders (the German company MOSOLF and the French CAT group) make us experts in the field of logistics and finished vehicle services.About Us
We have been building a stable position on the Polish market for 25 years.
This is possible thanks to our logistics resources, our team of efficient employees and numerous logistics parks throughout the country. We offer our customers proven European solutions. Cooperation with international partners allows us to draw on current and specialised knowledge of the automotive supply chain. We continuously improve our competencies and care for the professional development of our employees.

Cooperation with CMPL means:

We are CMPL - CAT Mosolf Polska.

We aim to provide compliant, top-quality logistics services in the areas of car forwarding and road transport, customs handling, warehousing, accessory assembly and paint repairs for the automotive industry. Every job we do on board a ship, auto-transporter or wagon is preceded by the preparation of processes and detailed risk analysis. Thanks to the efforts of our qualified employees, CMPL’s services have successively met the expectations of our contractors and become a key element in their success. Who we are

Our foundation is people People

We currently employ nearly 750 qualified specialists. Our employees regularly streamline processes, deliver the highest level of service to our customers and continually upgrade their competencies. We are a connected and efficient team. For many years we have shared the knowledge, experience and skills needed to achieve the organisation’s goals.

The quality of our services
is confirmed by certificates Quality

We focus on maximising the use of company resources.

An integrated management system based on the current ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards confirms our credibility.

We strive to achieve sustainable development while caring for the future we shape and leave for future generations.

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Meet CMPL’s international stakeholders who have nearly 50 years of experience serving the automotive industry. Thanks to the influential companies that have built their positions over the years, CMPL can now offer a wide and competitive range of services in the car transport and forwarding industry.

MOSOLF www.mosolf.de
Group CAT www.groupecat.com

Supervisory Board / Management Board CAT Mosolf Polska


  • CAT Polska Spółka z o.o.

Supervisory Board

  • Antoine Ritz
  • Dr Kersten Ruoss
  • Edoardo Cumino
  • Wolfgang Goebel

Management Board

  • Wojciech Dutkiewicz
  • Marcin Grabowski
  • Robert Groman
  • Robert Skibiński
  • Grzegorz Kukuła


  • Agnieszka Grabiec
  • Małgorzata Radoch

Our social responsibilityOur responsibility

First as MOSTVA, and now as CMPL, we undertake activities in line with the concept of socially responsible business. We have been involved in local, educational, environmental and economic projects for many years.

We support the scientific development of children and youth, promote a healthy and active lifestyle, and help the local community. We believe that helping should be a natural and inseparable part of every business, which is why we undertake numerous CSR actions and we are socially responsible.

Giving back to society

The CAT Mosolf Poland team is taking part in the cyclical running event “Bieg z Radością” organized by our long-term business partner Toyota Radość. Competitors have a distance of 5 or 10 km to run. The purpose of the competition is to promote an active lifestyle. By doing this we support environmental initiatives, promote the local market, and popularise sports among children and young people. By participating in the run, we also support the patrons of the Polsat Foundation.

The run is a fun day for the whole family. CMPL employees regularly invite their relatives to participate. Our young competitors prove that a noble cause is worth supporting.

For several years, we have been financially supporting the FRESH Physical Culture Association from Mszczonów. Founded in 2009, it was first a sports dance club and, since 2014, it has been training children and young people in acrobatics and cheerleading.

The players are members of the Polish Cheerleaders Association and the Polish Cheerleading Sports Association. They have been highly ranked at the biggest national cheerleading events. In 2021, the team won gold and bronze at the 4th Polish Cheerleading Sports Championships and gold and silver at the 2021 Polish Cheerleaders Grand Prix.



We participate in sporting events as part of our commitment to the local community. We are also proud sponsors of the Kleszczów LKS OMEGA sports club.

Today, LKS Omega Kleszczów is not only a club that provides training under the guidance of professionals, but also a space for the development of sporting passions and skills. Thanks to the progress of training, talented players are finding their way successfully into sporting life.

We regularly invite freight-forwarding students from the Mszczonów Technical School to visit CAT Mosolf Polska’s headquarters.
Pupils have the opportunity to get to know our company as a potential future employer. They participate in thematic workshops on transport and logistics and learn good practices for preparing their CV. They gain useful competencies in the labour market, and some workshops are conducted in English.

As part of their full-day visits, WAT (Polish Military University of Technology) students have the opportunity to get to know our company from the inside as they see how we work and learn about our logistics processes. Visitors tour our centre and learn about the ‘life cycle of a car’ from the moment a transport arrives, through all the processes. They view the inspection at the entrance, storage, washing, further inspection, assembly up to loading, and departure to the dealer. Our specialists fully interact, sharing their knowledge and experience.

Rationalisation proposals are concepts that have been operating in our organisation for years. Every CMPL employee has the opportunity to contribute his or her own initiative affecting the development of the company.

We are implementing rationalisation proposals, ranging from the very simple to the broad. For example, WR/03/22 visualised replacing paper racks at PDS workstations with overhead feeders for lamp racks. On a broader, more advanced technical scale, WR/06/18 introduced boards for torque spanners at the assembly station.

There are also proposals directly related to ecology (WR/04/18) and technology. Technical changes to our car wash effluent treatment system can be seen, along with alterations that impact occupational safety (WR/05/22). We have introduced a traffic light in the PDS hall to indicate dangerous work is being carried out. This occurs during DNA anti-theft marking on car catalytic converters.

Proposals are an element of innovation and productivity enhancement. They also give employees a sense of appreciation from the company’s management. Financial rewards are paid for the implemented ideas.

In June 2022, we celebrated Inclusion & Diversity Day. At the company’s two largest sites, in Mszczonów and Bytom, we organised a picnic for employees of all nationalities, with special support from our Ukrainian compatriots. It was fun, colourful and very tasty.
CAT Mosolf Polska CEO Wojciech Dutkiewicz emphasised how important cooperation and respect for others are in our work.