transport services

A quarter of a century of experience in the national and European transport market and a qualified workforce, enable us to provide high-quality transport services.

We always deliver on time

CMPL has a team of regularly trained drivers and forwarders on staff, and a fleet of 400 dedicated trucks with a load factor of 3 to 10 vehicles.

We transport more than 150,000 cars safely and on time annually on international routes, as well as 250,000 cars to nearly 600 dealerships domestically.

Operating globally

We offer comprehensive solutions for the Polish market, and further afield to include Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Baltic States.

We strive to maintain the highest relationships with car manufacturers, Polish importers and dealers.

Treating each customer
as an individual

To meet the high expectations of customers, we also carry out special transports, support the exchange of car fleets and promotional events for new models.

Contact us through the application form
– we guarantee an individual approach and comprehensive service.