Professional logistics solutions for the automotive industry


OEM’s and importers

We transport vehicles to Poland from any place in the world.. Rail, sea or road transport – a transport method depends solely on the scale of the fleet and time expectations.
Notably, no one else in in Poland provides domestic rail
transport of vehicles.

Transportation services

  • a fleet of over 50 of their own car carriers
  • a fleet of permanent subcontractors - over 200 trucks
  • truck superstructures of leading European producers
  • covered transport
  • International forwarding department
  • domestic distribution department
  • an experienced team of forwarders
  • support with export, import, and transit
  • comprehensive IT solutions in the implementation of orders
  • satellite monitoring
  • insured and licensed transport
  • extended cargo insurance, on-demand cargo
  • transport to/from the customer throughout Poland
  • comprehensive service for exhibitions, fairs, special events
  • transport of luxury cars
  • night, holiday and special deliveries, e.g. classic cars

Customs services

  • AEO certified
  • preparation of customs declarations (import, export, transit)
  • security of customs and tax duties / guaranteeing customs remittance and tax duties
  • customs clearance
  • storage in the temporary storage warehouse and customs warehouse
  • submission of the duty or duties and Intrastat declarations
  • handling of transits in the status of authorized recipient/sender

Technical services

  • comprehensive service for limited series for over 150 various equipment options
  • assembly of standard, non-series accessories (GPS, leather upholstery)
  • adaptations of vehicles for special purposes (police, municipal services)
  • conservation and film removal
  • PDI, LCL, PDS inspection
  • paint repairs using the traditional method and SMART technology
  • improving the aesthetics through Auto Detailing
  • assembly, disassembly of the partition wall
  • placing/removing advertising materials
  • other technical services in accordance with the needs of customers

Vehicle storage

  • Centre of Poland (in Mszczonów between Warsaw and Łódź)
  • storage area for 13,000 cars
  • own railway siding for loading and unloading cars, simultaneous unloading of 2 block trains
  • unloading ground for 35 car carriers
  • warehouse, customs storage and clearance place
  • 24/7 shipment and acceptance of vehicles
  • South of Poland (Bytom - Upper Silesia)
  • storage area for 13,000 cars
  • own railway siding for loading and unloading cars, simultaneous unloading of 2 block trains
  • unloading ground for 25 car carriers
  • 24/7 shipment and acceptance of vehicles

Leasing Companies, Car Fleet Management (CFM),
own car fleets

We adapt cars for our customers’ individual needs.
Fitting additional equipment, LPG installation or body – is not a problem for Us.
We provide those additional services within standard as well as non-standard or special equipment

Car fleet service

  • storage of new and used cars
  • assembly of non-serial accessories (upholstery, navigation, GPS)
  • adaptations of vehicles for special purposes (Police, Border Guard, Forest Guard, Municipal Services)
  • varnish repairs using the traditional method and SMART technology
  • Auto Detailing cosmetics
  • handling the acceptance/release of new and used cars
  • organization of special events/car receptions, and events

Car dealers

Beautiful, safe and flawless – this is a dream car of all customers.

However, before they get it, it requires attention like a precious jewel..

Do not wonder where your cars are, just check it out .

You will receive access to a transparent ICT system to control the movement of your vehicles in detail.

Technical services

  • Possibility of technical verification of vehicles before the Dealer accepts the vehicle.
  • Specialised additional equipment assembly and vehicle-model-dedicated body, including public services vehicles in accordance with legal requirements and tender specifications
  • Technical and professional advisory for vehicle additional equipment
  • Restoring the original condition of post-contract vehicles (disassembly of specialized equipment and body)
  • Additional equipment installation LL

Transport all over the country

  • Transport to and from our customer all over Poland
  • Handling of special events

Dedicated solutions offering opportunity to improve competitiveness and sales

  • preparation of limited series addressed to new target groups of customers
  • cost optimisation of additional equipment and installations with tender implementation
    and volume sales to CFM , Fleet and Leasing

Car service (remarketing)

Car service (remarketing)

  • full logistics/collection of cars from dealers, MOSTVA technical service, delivery in a designated place /
  • vehicle condition assessment, reporting
  • technical, painting, assembly and cosmetics services
  • taking pictures in virtual 360o technology from the outside and inside
  • storage
  • service through a dedicated online application